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Friday, 5 February 2010

My up coming Study Plans (New Testament Textual Criticism)

Dear readers, only to make you aware of my new study projects for the next five months.

I will continue with my studies on source criticism, and early succession and transmission in the first and second century. To accomplish this, I will have to memorize a lot of details included in the writings of the early church fathers and in Eusebius. I have recently began to memorize the list of the apostolic Succession in Rome; second comes Alexandria, then Antioch and then Jerusalem (I guess about a 100 names including date and additional data). In addition I will have to buy a whole lot of books and material, but it will be worth it. I am looking at embarking on a Mphil within the middle of next year and work on it slowly for two or three years, approximately 12-15 hours a week.

However, my study project for the following five months will be in the field of New Testament Textual Criticism.

My purpose for doing so is to respond effectively to the study of textual criticims as an approach to debunk the reliability of the New Testament, in my case the Gospels in particular.

Doing Greek III has helped incredibly in this research, even though, this level of Greek is making my hairs fall of the head by the day.

My first goal is to memorize the gospels; I am already more than half way through.

Secondly, and which I have embarked on already is understand the families and categories of textual families and to memorize the list of manuscripts and the data attached to it in the context of their own families and their connection and affinities to other manuscripts (this is an quite a mouthful).

Thirdly study and fully comprehend the history of textual criticims.

Fourthly study the methods of textual criticism which requires a fair amount of reading; I intend to follow the advise and books recommended by Barth Ehrman in his book: 'Misquoting Jesus'.

Fiftly: application: begin to read the original texts of these manuscripts and compare these with as many as I can get hold on.

My reason for sharing this with you, is particular for the Christian to keep me in their prayers, as I will also continue in my local ministry and my work in apologetics.

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  1. Hi Hogan, I came across your blog today. I've been living in North Africa just over 2 years now and have become convinced that textual criticism is one of the most (if not THE most) important area(s) of study for the Christian. I am saddened by the ignorance all around me concerning the so called "corruption" of the Scriptures and long for the day when, in Arabic or the local dialect, we can discuss these weighty matters in public debates.

    Just want to encourage you in this pursuit and pray that this knowledge will not puff you up but continue to grow in you a burden to speak the truth in love to your Muslim friends and neighbors. Thanks for your ministry. LW